Since its founding in 2014, no mother who has utilized the Casa Materna Ana Sayre has died from childbirth.


We serve women in the rural, isolated and poverty-stricken region of Cahabon Guatemala and whose purpose is to reduce the high maternal and infant death rates by providing free, safe, short-term residence within reach of a medical facility for expecting mothers.



Nutritious meals for one week

for one mother


The diet of women in the countryside is based on carbohydrates and is not very nutritious.  In order to improve their nutrition prior to labor,  the Casa Materna Ana Sayre serves meals that include fruits and vegetables nutritiously prepared.  Hopefully it encourages them to include these foods when they return home.

3 Month supply of prenatal vitamins

for two mothers


Almost all of the women come to the Casa Materna malnourished due to poverty and poor nutrition.  We try to supply each mother with enough prenatal vitamins for three months.  They are helpful to the baby while the mother is nursing as well as helping to build up the new mother's strength.

salary foR resident nurse

for one month


Having a nurse onsite is critical so that the women can be screened for any potential complications and monitored while at the Casa. Our registered nurse is very capable and is dedicated to her job.  She works in the Casa building, teaching and doing ultra sound exams, and visits surrounding villages to teach there as well.