The fundamental program of the Casa Materna is offering housing in the final days of pregnancy close to medical help.  During their stay with us, mothers are taught about personal hygiene, nutrition and care of their new born.  The pregnant women are also encouraged to space their pregnancies and taught how to do so.  We have materials on hand for sewing and handcrafts to keep them from being bored as they wait to deliver.

In addition, we work with a Guatemalan organization, WINGS (ALAS in Spanish) to provide birth control to women who desire it.  This service is provided through a grant we received from a Presbyterian Church.


We are currently raising funds to construct a kitchen and dining room for the Casa.  We have outgrown the space we are presently using as a dining room, and our kitchen is the size of a closet.  We urgently need larger spaces for both of these indispensable rooms.

With enough funding we hope to make the addition two stories so we will can add more beds.  We have traditionally housed the women's husbands with them. Recently, we have had to put more than one woman in a room and can no longer welcome the husbands.  A second floor over the dining room would increase our capacity, allowing for more women and their husbands.  The additional space could also be used for visiting medical teams and work groups.

Looking forward

In the future, we would like tohave North American mid-wives come tp the Casa Materna for a period of time to work withGuatemalan mid-wives, teaching and learning from each other.  We would also like to offer scholarships for local mid-wives to attend training and conferences to improve their skill.


Featured Project

Screening - Sunday, June 24, 2018
Avondale Towne Cinema

Casa Materna Ana Sayre - US is screening Ixcanul at the Avondale Towne Cinema to raise funds in support of the Casa Materna Ana Sayre located in Cahabon, Guatemala.  Many of the young women served by the Casa live lives similar to Maria's.  There will be time for discussion after the film for those interested.  All proceeds go towards the Casa's operating expenses. 

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